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Owning An ATM Business - Made EASY!



Complete your ATM  machine order with us.
(You own the machines).

Complete Merchant Account / Processing Application.

We will ship your ATM's and provide you with tracking.

Your independent locating company will secure local locations for your ATM's, usually within a 1 - 5 mile radius from your home.*

Visit each location for your approval.

Meet with your installer for secure installation in your location.

Machine Features

Service & Repair

Free 24 Hour ATM Support

Technicians are available in all 50 states ready to help fix any problem that you may have with your ATM machine.

Your technicians will diagnose the problem with your ATM Machine and identify how to fix it.
Almost all issues can be resolved easily over the phone.

Machine Specs

Height: 56.3" Width: 15.8" Depth: 22.3" Weight: 206 lbs. Power Requirements: 110/220 VAC.
Model VbmG2500

8″ High Resolution LCD Color Display
EMV Card Reader for the new Chip Based Cards
Upgraded Electronic Lock Included
Standard 1000 Note Cassette (up-gradable)
Microsoft Windows CE Operating System
Supports up to 4 Languages
Communications: Dial Up, TCP/IP Internet,
or Optional Wireless
DA Compliant Voice Guided Transactions
1 Year Parts Warranty - Extended Lifetime
Warranty Available
Free Shipping ($350 Value)

Monitor Your ATM's in
Real Time From Any Device

Transaction Fees Deposited Daily
Directly to Your Account


3 Machines
5 Machines
10 Machines

3 Local Locations*,
 Security Installation,
Taxes, Shipping & More

5 Local Locations*,
 Security Installation
Taxes, Shipping & More

10 Local Locations*,
 Security Installation
Taxes, Shipping & More

3 Machine Minimum

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